2019-05-18 rebar3 の umbrella テンプレートで複数リリースを作る方法
2019-05-18 gen_server 内のコードの書き方 Part1
2019-04-20 HDD Benchmark
2019-04-14 Diary
2019-03-22 自作ライブラリの紹介
2019-01-16 Survey: Linux New I/O Scheduler
2019-01-02 Reading: Impossibility of Distributed Consensu with One Faulty Process
2019-01-01 Reading: AlphaSort


2018-12-30 東洋経済のGAFA特集を読んだ
2018-11-18 DB Weekly 230
2018-10-29 Reading: Rust RFC 2535
2018-10-21 Purely Functional Data Structures の遅延評価の記法
2018-10-16 DB Weekly 220-225
2018-10-16 Reading: Epidemic Broadcast Trees
2018-10-14 Reading: Ceph: A Scalable, High-Performance Distributed File System
2018-10-11 Reading: HyParView: A Membership Protocol for Reliable Gossip-Based Broadcast
2018-10-10 Reading: In Search of an Understandable Consensus Algorithm(Raft)
2018-09-26 A note on Lamport Logical Clock
2018-09-16 MPSC Queue in C
2018-09-16 Day-Stout-Warren algorithm
2018-09-04 私がいかにして履歴書・職務経歴書を書いているか
2018-09-04 lualatex の Number too big エラーを解決する
2018-09-03 GitHub 上に elpa の package archive を立てる
2018-08-31 union と Placement new で ADT を定義する
2018-08-31 RITUEL(リチュエル) でおすすめのパン
2018-08-29 Windows Safe fsync in Java
2018-08-29 Quicksort Revisited
2018-08-29 Invariant Functor Pattern
2018-08-19 libstfl.so.0 exists in filesystem on upgrading Arch Linux
2018-08-06 Create a new file if and only if not exists in Java
2018-08-04 Java fsync Directory
2018-08-03 Reading: Space/Time Trade-offs in Hash Coding with Allowable Errors
2018-08-03 Modulo Multiplication
2018-08-03 Knuth's multiplicative Hashing Method
2018-08-01 CRC32 Implementation
2018-08-01 Reading: A Fast, Minimal Memory, Consistent Hash Algorithm
2018-08-01 個人で ACM Membership を得ることについて
2018-07-22 Type inference algorithm described in Modern Compiler Implementation in ML
2018-07-19 Reading: Stanford CS166 van Emde Boas Trees
2018-07-18 Reading: Stanford CS166 Cuckoo Hashing
2018-07-17 Reading: Stanford CS166 Disjoint Set Forest
2018-07-17 Computational Theory Definitions
2018-07-17 Reading: Performance in Practice of String Hashing Functions
2018-07-15 Reading Protothreads: Simplifying Event-Driven Programming of Memory-Constrained Embedded Systems
2018-07-14 ocaml-text-rope has been published!
2018-07-11 Hash function of std::vector<std::string> for std::unordered_map
2018-04-23 Using ulex and menhir with OMake
2018-04-07 Getting Started with PolyML


2017-11-18 scala.io.Source.fromURI is broken