2018-07-19 Reading: Stanford CS166 van Emde Boas Trees
2018-07-18 Reading: Stanford CS166 Cuckoo Hashing
2018-07-17 Reading: Stanford CS166 Disjoint Set Forest
2018-07-17 Computational Theory Definitions
2018-07-17 Reading: Performance in Practice of String Hashing Functions
2018-07-15 Reading Protothreads: Simplifying Event-Driven Programming of Memory-Constrained Embedded Systems
2018-07-14 ocaml-text-rope has been published!
2018-07-11 Hash function of std::vector<std::string> for std::unordered_map
2018-04-23 Using ulex and menhir with OMake
2018-04-07 Getting Started with PolyML


2017-11-18 scala.io.Source.fromURI is broken
2017-11-05 Write a file correctly with ext4
2017-07-09 特異値分解の別形式


2016-08-19 Debugging PostgreSQL with GDB
2016-08-19 jumplist for ctrlp.vim
2016-08-18 The abstraction layer of I/O in PostgreSQL
2016-03-10 A performance benchmark of Couchbase on EC2
2016-02-22 Recommended resources for learning Haskell


2015-05-06 Installing a set of packages of development tools with yum
2015-02-14 RE: PHP のトレイトに気を付ける
2015-02-01 Build ICU for iOS using cmake
2015-01-26 An algorithm of pattern match compiler


2014-02-16 Convert a nullable value to Option